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Program Goals

  • Develop a group of highly trained D/HH biomedical and behavioral scientists who have the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue independent research and teaching careers in academia.
  • Strengthen and modernize science educational offerings at RIT, and promote research and educational links between the University of Rochester and RIT/NTID, an institution with a demonstrated commitment to educating D/HH students underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral research enterprise of the nation.

In addition to training D/HH postdoctoral Scholars to be cutting-edge academic researchers and educators, the outcomes of this program will be to:

  • Enrich RIT and its colleges’ (e.g., College of Health Sciences and Technology and NTID) science educational offerings with the most contemporary research topics, laboratory experiences, and advanced courses in the biomedical sciences.
  • Promote links between UR and RIT that lead to new collaborations in faculty research and student training.
  • Foster the development of the next generation of D/HH scientists who will address the nation’s research needs.