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Research Opportunities

A study coordinator visits with a patientWe offer a wide range of studies for people with Alzheimer’s disease or Mild Cognitive Impairment. Sometimes research opportunities are also available for healthy volunteers who do not have memory problems.

Many studies involve an experimental treatment and are designed to evaluate the safety and/or effectiveness of an investigational medication. The goals of the investigational medications vary among trials - some having the hope of preventing or delaying the onset of dementia; others having the aim of reducing present symptoms that are associated with dementia. Most of the treatment studies are placebo-controlled (using a "sugar pill"), so participation in the study may not guarantee that a person will receive the active study medication. Open-label treatment (a study period during which there is no chance of receiving placebo and the participant is guaranteed to be given active study medication) is often offered after a period of placebo-controlled treatment.

Non-treatment research studies are sometimes available. These may involve the use of new diagnostic tools, such as memory tests, to evaluate the tool's accuracy in detecting and assessing signs or symptoms of dementia. The more recent non-treatment studies commonly include brain imaging and collection of blood and cerebral spinal fluid (the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord), which provide biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers hope that analyzing the biomarkers will facilitate an earlier and more accurate diagnosis of the disease.

We have several research opportunities available at any given time that we would be happy to discuss with you. Please call us to inquire about specific studies that are currently accepting new participants.

For more information, please call (585) 760-6550.

You can also read about numerous current Alzheimer's disease clinical trials on the Alzheimer's Association TrialMatch website. Please note, however, that not all of these studies are taking place at the University of Rochester.