Zhao Lab

Jiyong Zhao

Ph.D. 1994 Iowa State University

Associate Professor of Genetics, Department of Biomedical Genetics (BMG)

Research Overview

We are interested in understanding the mechanisms controlling cell proliferation and survival in mammalian cells and how deregulation of these mechanisms contributes to cancer. Our work currently focuses on two research areas: function of cyclin E-Cdk2 substrate NPAT in mammalian cells, and signaling pathways regulating the proliferation/survival of B-cell lymphomas. We anticipate that these studies will ultimately lead to the development of new approaches for cancer treatment with high specificity and efficacy.


Recent Publications

Pulvino, M., Chen, L., Oleksyn, D., Li, J., Compitello, G., Rossi, R., Spence, S., Balakrishnan, V., Jordan, C., Poligone, B., Casulo, C., Burack, R., Shapiro, J., Bernstein, S., Friedberg, J., Deshaies, R., Land, L., and Zhao, J. (2015) Inhibition of COP9-signalosome (CSN) deneddylating activity and tumor growth of diffuse large B-cell lymphomas by doxycycline. Oncotarget 6:14796-14813 (Priority Research paper).

Poligone, B., Gilmore, E., Alexander, C., Oleksyn, D., Gillespie, K., Zhao, J., Ibrahim, S., Pentland, A., Brown, M., and Chen, L. (2015) PKK suppresses tumor growth and is decreased in squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. J Invest. Dermatol. 135:869-876.

Hodge, C., Edwards, R., Markin, C., McDonal, D., Pulvino, M., Huen, M., Zhao, J., Spryacopoulos, L., Hendzel, M., and Glover, M. (2015) Covalent Inhibition of Ubc13 affects ubiquitin signaling and reveals active site elements important for targeting. ACS Chem. Biol. 10:1718-1728.

Kim., S-W., Schifano, M., Oleksyn, D., Jordan., C., Ryan, D. Insel, R., Zhao., J., and Chen., L. (2014) Protein kinase C-associated kinase regulates NF-kB activation through inducing IKK activation. International J. Oncol. 45:1707-1714.

Oleskyn, D., Pulnivo, M., Zhao J. Jenks, S., Tipton, C., Misra, R. Lund, F., Schwartz, G., Goldman, B., Mohan, C. Mehta, K., Mehta, M., Leiget, L., Sanz, I., and Chen, L. (2013) Protein kinas Cb is required for Lupus development in Sle mice. Arthritis Rheum. 65, 1022-1031.

Pulvino M., Liang, Y., Oleksyn, D., DeRan, M., Van Pelt, E., Shapiro, J., Sanz, I., Chen, L., and Zhao, J. (2012) Inhibition of proliferation and survival of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cells by a small-molecule inhibitor of the ubiquitin-conjugting enzyme. Ubc13-Uev1A. Blood 120, 1668-1677.

Kim, S-W., Oleksyn, D.W., Rossi, R., Jordan, C.T., Sanz, I., Chen, L., and Zhao, J. (2008) Protein kinase C-associated kinase PKK is required for NF-kB signaling and survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cells. Blood 111, 1644-1653. View article in Blood

DeRan, M., Pulvino, M., Greene, E., Su, C., and Zhao, J. (2008) Transcriptional activation of histone genes requires NPAT-dependent recruitment of TRRAP-Tip60 complex to histone promoters during the G1/S phase transition. Molecular and Cellular Biology 28: 435-447.

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Jiyong Zhao
University of Rochester
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Office: MRB 2-9643

Current Lab Members

Mary Pulvino
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