Division of Biomedical Modeling and Informatics (DBMI)

The Division of Biomedical Modeling and Informatics (DBMI), founded and headed by Dr. Hulin Wu, consists of  statisticians, biomathematical modelers, computer scientists, informaticians, database developers, software engineers, data managers and programmers. Our Division is devoted to the methodology research and collaboration services in the following areas:

  1. Statistical methodologies for biomedical data analyses and modeling
  2. Mathematical modeling and computer simulations of biomedical experiments and systems
  3. Database design and development for biomedical research
  4. Biomedical/clinical data management
  5. Development of user-friendly computational tools and simulation software
  6. Clinical decision support systems and knowledge management.

Research in our Division reflects the important multi-discipline interplay among statisticians, mathematical modelers, computer scientists, informaticians as well as extensive collaborations with biomedical laboratory scientists and clinicians. We intend to develop and use various quantitative/computational modeling tools to support biomedical research and to facilitate the translation of biomedical knowledge into clinical practice. Our current biomedical research areas mainly include infectious diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS and influenza virus) and immunology.