Division of Psychiatric Statistics (DPS) Software

DPS is committed to developing and disseminating software to facilitate psychosocial and mental health research.  Over the past 5 years, we have developed and distributed a number of SAS macros and R functions through “CTSpedia.org”, a major online reference and resource website developed by funding from the CTSA Consortium.  CTSpedia.org has become a popular reference and resource website as well as a repository of statistical and utility macros to facilitate and promote multidisciplinary interactions and collaborations involving biostatisticians. Associated with each of the macros developed are: 1) source code with annotated comments, 2) a sample data set for the application, 2) a sample example with running the source code,  and 4) a sample example output file in  HTML and / or PDF formats. The source code also contains links to the CTSpedia.org online reference website for the definitions and explanations of the key statistical terms used.  This approach facilitates commercialization of the packages if sufficient interest arises.

A list of currently available SAS macros and R functions can be found at CTSpedia's Statistical Tools Home Page. Please check back periodically for new additions and revisions of existing macros and functions, as we continue to make contributions to this free software repository.