People & Research

The Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology currently has 19 tenure-track faculty and several visiting and research faculty. Our department has a long record of excellence in methodologic and collaborative research.

  • The Division of Computational Biology, headed by Dr. Anthony Almudevar, has achieved substantial visibility in the statistical methodology for analysis of micro-array data.
  • Dr. Ollivier Hyrien leads a stochastic modeling group, which uses the theory of branching processes to elucidate cell kinetics.
  • Drs. David Oakes, Sally Thurston, Ollivier Hyrien, Tanzy Love, and Brent Johnson are members of the University of Rochester’s Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC). They collaborate with many faculty in the EHSC and also provide statistical support and services to EHSC researchers through the EHSC Biostatistics Facility Core.
  • The Division of Biomedical Modeling and Informatics, directed by Dr. Hulin Wu, develops and employs various quantitative/computational modeling tools to support biomedical research and to facilitate the translation of biomedical knowledge into clinical practice.
  • The Center for Biodefense Immune Modeling, also headed by Dr. Wu and funded by a substantial grant to the Department from NIAID, has the goal of developing comprehensive quantitative models of the immune response to influenza A infection, a potential bioterror agent and emerging pathogen, and to create computational tools to explore such scenarios in silico. 
  • The Division of Psychiatric Statistics, headed by Dr. Xin Tu, provides statistical and data management services to the Department of Psychiatry.
  • The Biostatistics Shared Resource for the Wilmot Cancer Center, directed by Dr. Derick Peterson, provides statistical support and collaborative activities for Cancer Center investigators. This includes study design and conduct; grant, protocol, and manuscript preparation; protocol review; and Data and Safety Monitoring Committee activities.
  • Dr. Sally Thurston directs one of the major key functions (Design, Biostatistics, and Clinical Research Ethics) of the University of Rochester’s Clinical and Translational Sciences Research Institute. Other Department faculty and staff contribute to this and to other key functions of the CTSI, including Biomedical Informatics.

The Department has strong collaborative relationships with many other clinical and basic science departments, divisions and centers, including Neurology, Environmental Medicine, Pediatrics, Dental Research, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, Public Health Sciences (which houses Divisions of Epidemiology and Health Services Research), and Biomedical Genetics.