Hongmei Yang, PhDHongmei.Yang

Research Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (2007) North Carolina State University


Contact Information:

University of Rochester
Dept of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
265 Crittenden Boulevard, CU 420630 
Rochester, New York 14642-0630
Office: Saunders Research Building 4148
Phone: (585) 275-0411
Fax: (585) 273-1031
E-mail: Hongmei_Yang@urmc.rochester.edu

Research Interests

My research is practically driven, a combination of active collaborations in HIV, Influenza, and other diseases and independent research. In summary it falls in three areas: statistical processing of assay data (e.g., Elispot, Elisa, and Hemagglutination assays), mixed-effect models for correlated data, and variable selection for high dimensional data.

Selected Publications

  • Fernandez ID; Chin NP; Devine CM; Dozier AM; Martina CA; McIntosh S; Thevenet-Morrison K; Yang H "Images of a Healthy Worksite: A Group-Randomized Trial for Worksite Weight Gain Prevention With Employee Participation in Intervention Design." American journal of public health. 2015; Epub 2015 Mar 19.
  • Yang, H.; Baker, S.F.; González, M.E.; Topham, D.J.; Martínez-Sobrido, L.; Zand, M.; Holden-Wiltse, J; Wu, H. "An Improved Method for Estimating Antibody Titers in Microneutralization Assay Using Green Fluorescent Protein". Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics. 2015. In press
  • Halliley, J.L.; Khurana, S.; Krammer, F.; Fitzgerald, T.; Coyle, E.M.; Chung, K.Y.; Baker, S.F.; Yang, H.; Martínez-Sobrido, L.; Treanor, J.J.; Subbarao, K.; Golding, H.; Topham, D.J.; Sangster, M. "High Affinity H7 Head and Stalk Domain-Specific Antibody Responses to an Inactivated Influenza H7N7 Vaccine after Priming with Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine". Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2015. In press
  • Nayak JL; Richards KA; Yang H; Treanor JJ; Sant AJ "Effect of Influenza A(H5N1) Vaccine Prepandemic Priming on CD4+ T-Cell Responses." The Journal of infectious diseases. 2014; Epub 2014 Nov 06.
  • Dozier AM; Brownell E; Guido J; Yang H; Howard CA; Doniger A; Ossip D; Lawrence R "Adapting the pregnancy risk assessment monitoring survey to enhance locally available data: methods." Maternal and child health journal. 2014; 18(5):1196-204.
  • Kwara A; Cao L; Yang H; Poethke P; Kurpewski J; Tashima KT; Mahjoub BD; Court MH; Peloquin CA "Factors associated with variability in rifampin plasma pharmacokinetics and the relationship between rifampin concentrations and induction of efavirenz clearance." Pharmacotherapy. 2014; 34(3):265-71.
  • Lerman YV; Lim K; Hyun YM; Falkner KL; Yang H; Pietropaoli AP; Sonnenberg A; Sarangi PP; Kim M "Sepsis lethality via exacerbated tissue infiltration and TLR-induced cytokine production by neutrophils is integrin ?3?1-dependent." Blood. 2014; 124(24):3515-23.
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  • Nayak JL; Fitzgerald TF; Richards KA; Yang H; Treanor JJ; Sant AJ "CD4+ T-cell expansion predicts neutralizing antibody responses to monovalent, inactivated 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) virus subtype H1N1 vaccine." The Journal of infectious diseases. 2013; 207(2):297-305.
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  • Henn AD; Wu S; Qiu X; Ruda M; Stover M; Yang H; Liu Z; Welle SL; Holden-Wiltse J; Wu H; Zand MS "High-resolution temporal response patterns to influenza vaccine reveal a distinct human plasma cell gene signature." Scientific reports. 2013; 3():2327.
  • Mapstone M; Hilton TN; Yang H; Guido JJ; Luque AE; Hall WJ; Dewhurst S; Shah K "Poor Aerobic Fitness May Contribute to Cognitive Decline in HIV-infected Older Adults." Aging and disease. 2013; 4(6):311-9.
  • Henn, A.D., Laski, M., Yang, H., Qiu, X., Miao, H., Barry, C.T.,Welle, S.,Wu, H. and Zand, M.S. (2012) Functionally Distinct Subpopulations of CpG-Activated Memory B Cells. Nature Scientific Reports. doi:10.1038/srep00345.
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