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The Early Days (First Few Weeks)

First days: Feed that Baby, Often!

Babies start out needing to eat very often, especially on DAY 2. This may be hard to get used to, but it helps breastfeeding get started. Many babies nurse on a regular schedule when they get older.

Days 3-5: Milk Changes

Your milk will change color and there will be more of it.

  • Feed your baby whenever she or he wants
  • Hold off on pacifiers, you may not notice if baby is hungry
  • Hold off on formula, it will tell your breasts to make less milk
  • Warm or cold packs, breast massage and showers can help with pain

Days 14-30: Growth Spurts

Baby's first growth spurt can happen any time. Cluster feeding is when your baby nurses a LOT for a few days.

  • As always, feed whenever your baby wants
  • Your milk supply will adjust!
  • Using formula during these times will tell your body to make less milk.