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The First Year

1 Month: Soft Breasts

This doesn't mean you have run out of milk! (It's your body's normal adjustment to how much your baby needs).

4-6 Months: Baby Gets Busy

Your baby may lose interest in breastfeeding, or pull away more often. This is a phase, don't give up! Nurse in quiet dark rooms and if your baby doesn't want to nurse, try again later…no need for a bottle

ANYtime: Cluster Feeding

Your baby may occasionally nurse a LOT for 2-3 days. This doesn't mean you ran out of milk…it's baby's way of letting you know to make more

ANYtime: Back to Work?

You don't need to stop nursing if you go back to work. Federal and State Law guarantee you time and space to pump breast milk…we can help with getting a pump and tips for storing milk!

9-12 Months: No Support from Family or Friends?

Don't worry, you know that breastfeeding is best for at least 1 year if not 2 and more! You can address negative comments however you'd like, but don't let them knock your confidence!

Worried About Biting?

Babies sometimes check to see if biting is OK. Teach them not to bite by gently but firmly taking them off the breast whenever they bite. They will learn quickly and you don't have to stop breastfeeding!