URMC » Wilmot Cancer Institute

Leading Programs

We offer the region’s only Bone and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Program, the only Cancer Survivorship Program, and one of the few Geriatric Oncology Programs in the nation.

Do you need information on care for a particular type of cancer? Please read more about our Multidisciplinary Care Clinics.

Sub-Specialized Care

We offer doctors who are sub-specialists in each type of cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer or lymphoma. Sub-specialization helps ensure an extremely high level of expertise that leads to better care. The Wilmot Cancer Institute offers more sub-specialists than any other cancer center in the region.

Precision Medicine

The Wilmot Cancer Institute is a leader in developing new, precision treatments that are customized to a cancer cell’s genetics. These new treatments—called Precision Medicine—help to make treatments more effective, while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. We are also making treatments more precise in every area of care, from therapies that are individualized to a patient’s age, to new kinds of radiation that avoid exposure to healthy cells.

More Locations

The Wilmot Cancer Institute now offers care at numerous locations throughout Monroe County and the Finger Lakes, including Interlakes and Pluta. As a result, we are making it easier for people to get the very latest cancer care without traveling far from home.

True Multidisciplinary Care

At the Wilmot Cancer Institute, doctors from various disciplines—medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgery and pathology—all sit down together to plan your care. These multiple perspectives are like getting a 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion on your cancer care, right from the start.


The Wilmot Cancer Institute is the region’s leader in cancer research. We also have the largest network of clinical trials. This research focus helps guarantee that our patients have access to the very latest treatments. Our research effort also helps us to attract the best and brightest clinicians from the nation’s top cancer programs.