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Research Campaign

In order to move forward in our quest to cure cancer, we are seeking to raise $30 million for cancer research, while providing the best cancer care to patients in Rochester, the Finger Lakes Region, and to those who travel here from across the nation. Research differentiates us from other providers in upstate New York. Our scientists and clinicians/researchers are now centered on four key programs: hallmarks of cancer, blood cancers, solid tumors, and cancer control and survivorship.

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Hallmarks of Cancer

Our researchers are studying how to disrupt entire gene networks that control the activity of many cancers, instead of focusing on single gene mutations. The goal is to develop the next generation of targeted therapies so that personalized treatment can reach more people. This team also investigates ways to repurpose existing FDA-approved drugs as cancer therapy. 

Blood Cancers

This team studies the way in which cancers arise from the precursors to red and white blood cells and platelets. Their focus is on the primitive cancer stem cells that drive leukemia, the vessels and tissue in bone marrow (known as the microenvironment), and clinical trials to test promising new lymphoma and leukemia drugs.

Solid Tumors

For the physicians and scientists on this team, collaboration is critical. Together they are finding ways to apply concepts of biology and genomics to the urgent needs of patients. Our primary focus is on genitourinary cancers (including prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular), gastrointestinal cancers (pancreas, liver, colon, esophageal), breast cancer and brain cancer.

Cancer Control & Survivorship

With a long history of finding ways to help patients cope with side effects of treatment, this team is continuing in that strong tradition while also expanding into survivorship science. Whether it’s preventing radiation harm or understanding how yoga therapy helps insomnia, the goal is to improve the experience during every step of the journey at Wilmot.

Our thanks to the Wilmot family and the James P. Wilmot Foundation for their leadership and generosity. Through our Wilmot Fellowship Program, more than 100 Wilmot Fellows have gone on to perform cancer research throughout the world. Please see the link below to read about their recent lead gifts in our $30 million campaign to support cancer research.

We have a great history of discovery, innovation, and collaboration at the Wilmot Cancer Institute. With your support, you can help us better understand cancer, develop new life-saving discoveries that hold the keys to eradicating this disease, and in which more and more patients are cancer survivors. Please learn more about the Wilmot Cancer Institute by checking out the rest of the website, make a gift online, or contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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