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Research at Wilmot Cancer Institute

Wilmot Cancer Institute Has Always Valued Cancer Research

Today, despite dwindling federal and state research funding, research plays an even larger role within Wilmot Cancer Institute. That's because research makes progress against cancer possible. It helps find new treatments that allow patients to live longer and better.
"To me it's very simple. Without research, there is no treatment. All the treatments we have today come from research," says Hartmut "Hucky" Land, Ph.D., co-director and director of Research at Wilmot Cancer Institute.

Wilmot Cancer Institute researchers are nationally and internationally renowned and they're making discoveries that help patients locally and around the world. Pilot grants - also known as seed funding or seed grants - provide researchers with start-up money to begin introductory work on a specific area or research question.
The hope is that the results of the researcher's initial work will later lead to larger funding from national agencies like the NCI or NIH or that the investigator's work may help jumpstart a clinical trial, the end goal of cancer research. Clinical trials identify better therapies to treat cancer and its side effects. They’re an extremely important part of finding new treatments.
Did you know?
  • In the last five years, Wilmot has given out 40 pilot (seed) grants totaling $1.85 million.
  • Wilmot receives $15.5 million from the National Cancer Institute, which supports 30 researchers with 36 grants. 
  • Wilmot currently has about 150 active clinical trials.
  • Since 2008, Wilmot Cancer Institute has seen its clinical trial enrollment soar 128 percent.
  • Each year, Wilmot sees about 5,000 patients in its 13 locations throughout the region.
The cancer research program at Wilmot Cancer Institute is already strong, but the stronger we make it, the more people with cancer benefit. With your contribution, more research projects can be pursued. More advances have a chance to be made. More lives in our region have the opportunity to be saved or extended.   
But without you, improvement is nearly impossible. To make progress against cancer, we need your support. Please give today.

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