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MovementExercise during and after treatment can help manage symptoms of nausea, fatigue, depression and muscle wasting, and boosting cognitive function.

We offer

  • LIVESTRONG: A researched-based physical activity program offered by the YMCA of Greater Rochester but taking place at the Pluta Integrative Oncology & Wellness Center. The program is designed to help adult cancer survivors reclaim their total health by building muscle mass and strength, increasing flexibility and endurance, and improving confidence and self-esteem. The 12-week program is offered twice a week and requires patients to be able to attend all classes unless ill. For more information, contact Carin Adams at (585) 341-3204. 
  • The ReNEW program, a research-based fitness program that offers a personalized approach for cancer patients. Staff evaluate each patient's current fitness level and tailor a program to meet your needs. Their goal is to help patients love exercise so they do more of it! In addition to the individualized program, ReNEW trainers offer the following classes: 
    • ReNEW Begin, a supervised group exercise class with trainers certified by the American College of Sports Medicine for patients starting out. Patients must complete the initial ReNEW program before participating in ReNEW Begin. 
    • ReNEW Open Fit, a time to use equipment in the fitness center with certified staff on site for extra support. Patients must complete ReNEW and ReNEW Begin before participating in Open Fit. 
  • Beginner Pilates Mat Class: This is a 60-minute class to improve overall body strength and flexibility. This class takes place on a mat on the floor, coordinating stretch and strength movements with breath. No prior experience is necessary, but participants must be able to get up and down from the floor. 
  • Yoga and qi gong classes are also available. See our Mindfulness page for details. 
For specific dates and times of upcoming classes, see the Wilmot Cancer Institute Events calendar.