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Research suggests that healthy eating habits and support from a Registered Oncology Dietitian can be helpful in alleviating some of the side effects of cancer treatment.

We offer

  • Cooking for Wellness Class, a hands-on cooking class, focuses on whole food, plant-based cooking. The menu features plant-based proteins, whole grains and seasonal fruits and vegetables. The class prepares at least four recipes and then sits down to enjoy the meal together. This class is  offered monthly (except July and December) at a local teaching kitchen. 
  • Resources such as monthly nutrition lectures on topics such as nutrition during chemotherapy, menu planning and healthy cooking demonstrations. To learn more, call (585) 486-0630.
  • Nutrition consultations: Wilmot Cancer Institute has registered dietitians who are board-certified in oncology nutrition and who provide counseling and other advice to adult cancer patients on how to eat well before, during and after treatment. Nutrition consultations are free and do not require a referral from a provider. To schedule an appointment at this location, call (585) 486-0654.

The following nutrition education programs are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year. See Wilmot's events calendar for information on upcoming nutrition programming. 

  • Chef Demonstrations: A community chef demonstrates how to prepare whole food, plant-based recipes while showcasing basic culinary skills. Tasting samples of each recipe are provided. 
  • Cooking Basics - Knife Skills: Led by a professional chef, this hands-on program teaches you how to efficiently prepare produce in your own home. Participants learn how to select a chef's knife as well as how to dice, julienne and mince. During the class, participants practice these new knife skills on a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • Plan Your Way to a Cancer-Fighting Diet: In this interactive class, participants learn the steps to efficiently plan, shop and prepare a healthy, plant-based menu. Participants leave with a weekly menu and recipe packet to use at home. 
  • Healthy Foods to Increase Calories and Protein: For patients who have difficulty maintaining body weight during or after cancer treatment, this class reviews tips to incorporate plant-based ingredients into nutrient-dense foods. Several recipes for smoothies and sauces are demonstrated and tasting samples are provided. A take-home recipe packet is included. 
  • Nutrition During Chemotherapy: This class provides an overview of nutrient needs during chemotherapy as well as tips to manage nutrition-related side effects of treatment. Easy-to-prepare recipes are demonstrated and tasting samples are provided.