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Guaraná and Cancer-Related Fatigue

Research Question:
What is the impact of daily guaraná energy bars versus usual-care on cancer-related fatigue in cancer survivors?

Basic Study Information

This is a six-week study through the Cancer Control unit in the Department of Surgery. This study will recruit cancer survivors (4-36 months post-treatment) and randomly assign them to three arms: 1) eats a guaraná energy bar twice a day, once in the morning and once at lunch-time. 2) eats a guaraná energy bar once a day only, in the morning. 3) usual-care only, completes entire study without eating the guaraná energy bars during study but receives 'usual-care' for cancer survivors. The three arms will all be assessed for cancer-related fatigue, mood, cognition, physical performance, blood glucose changes, blood glutamine levels and inflammatory markers at the start of the study and at the final visit. Cancer-related fatigue levels will also be assessed at the midpoint visit.

Location: University of Rochester Medical Center
Study Reference #: 3607

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher: Julia Inglis

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator: Julia E. Inglis
Phone: (585) 276-3559

Additional Study Details

Study Details:
Participants in this study will be asked to come to the University of Rochester Medical Center 3 times: beginning, midpoint (3 weeks), final (6 weeks). They will be asked to complete questionnaires, give 2.5 Tablespoons of blood, and undergo physical performance testing like balance and stair climbing. Participants will also complete food diaries. They will be given guaraná energy bars, which are all natural snack cookies produced and packaged at the professional kitchen of Ever Young health food company in Sodus, NY.

Number of Visits:  2 to 5
Parking:  Free
Transportation Coverage: 
Reimbursement:  Yes

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