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Baby formula and health

Research Question:
How do different types of carbohydrates in infant formula affect baby's intestines and pancreas?

Basic Study Information

Participation in this study involves one visit that will last for about four hours at your home or the Strong Memorial Hospital Clinical Research Center. Procedures include infant glucose test, timed infant urine collection, infant heel pricks, and infant body size measurements.

Location: Home visit or Strong Memorial Hospital Clinical Research Center
Study Reference #: STUDY00004724

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher:  Bridget Young

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator:
Phone: (585) 205-8609

Additional Study Details

Study Details:
On the day of the study, we will feed your baby some glucose water from a bottle and collect urine and stool (if we can!). We will give your baby a total of 3 heel pricks – once before the bottle of glucose water, one 30 minutes after the bottle, and one 60 minutes after the bottle. If we cannot collect any urine or stool at the visit, we will leave you with some materials to collect these for us, and we will come back to pick them up.

Number of Visits:  1
Parking:  Free
Reimbursement:  Yes
Payment Details:  $100, a Formula preparation travel bottle (e.g., PopYum), and an entry in a giveaway for a baby brezza or baby carrier.

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