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Decidetexto: Mobile Cessation Support for Latino Smokers

Research Question:
What is the impact of Decídetexto, a culturally appropriate mobile smoking cessation intervention, versus standard care on smoking abstinence after 6 months among Latino smokers?

Basic Study Information

Latino smokers (N = 618) will be randomized to one of two conditions: 1) Decídetexto or 2) standard of care. Decídetexto is a mobile smoking cessation intervention (available in English and Spanish) that incorporates three integrated components: 1) a tablet-based software that collects smoking-related information to develop an individualized quit plan, 2) a 24-week text messaging counseling program with interactive capabilities, and 3) pharmacotherapy support. Decídetexto follows the Social Cognitive Theory as theoretical framework. Standard of care consists of printed smoking cessation materials along with referral to telephone quitline. Participants in both groups are given access to free pharmacotherapy (nicotine patches or gum) by calling study phone number. All participants will complete follow-up assessments at Week 12 and Month 6.

Study Reference #: STUDY00005080

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher:  Anapaula Cupertino

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