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Cohort Builder

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The need for accurate, timely data in healthcare cannot be overstated. Traditionally, ad hoc reporting could take days or even weeks, especially when combining data from diverse sources like clinical trial systems and social determinants of health. Our new Cohort Builder tool significantly mitigates these challenges. Part of our suite of innovative applications, this tool simplifies data aggregation. Whether you’re examining patient data across different demographics or specific health conditions, Cohort Builder offers instant, validated real-time insights. For instance, imagine analyzing data from 2023 to present: out of 100,000 patients, 4,000 might have lung cancer, with 500 of those being male, with 400 located in urban zones. With Cohort Builder, switching between different cohorts is seamless, providing real-time population tallies as you adjust your criteria.

This app is a game changer when instant access to numbers is needed for clinical trials or other research/clinical purposes. And there's more! For those with appropriate permissions, immediate access to detailed cohort data is just a click away- no more waiting for lengthy report processes. Powered by a robust, fully validated system with over 93 diverse data sources, Cohort Builder is set to revolutionize how we access and interact with healthcare data. Why wait for ad hoc reports when you have instant access at your fingertips?