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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Visitor Restrictions, Resources, and Updates

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Disability and Financial Resources

Disability is a necessary benefit for many of our patients. Some people have short-term disability through their employer and/or New York State. Short-term disability lasts for about five to six months, and it is sometimes followed by a long-term disability that may last for more than one year. Check with your employer for more detailed information.

While you receive short-term disability, or when you initially go on disability, call the Social Security Administration to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If you have minor children, they may also be eligible for benefits, or if your child is in treatment, he or she may be eligible for SSI. You can apply in person at your local Social Security Administration Office or by calling 800-772-1213.

In addition to some of the disability benefits through your employer or Social Security, you may have access to other financial resources. Some common benefits that are overlooked include disability insurance on mortgages, loans, credit cards, life insurance policies, and so forth.

Some built-in supports through the hospital and non-profit organizations include lodging, financial assistance with co-payments, reimbursement for mileage, availability of emergency assistance, and assistance with the costs of child care, parking, or travel.