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Seth W. Perry, Ph.D.
Seth W. Perry, Ph.D.

Seth W. Perry, Ph.D.

Seth W. Perry, Ph.D.


University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Box 270168
Rochester, NY 14611
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(585) 275-7391



Vanden Berghe T, Hulpiau P, Martens L, Vandenbroucke RE, Van Wonterghem E, Perry SW, Bruggeman I, Divert T, Choi SM, Vuylsteke M, Shestopalov VI, Libert C, Vandenabeele P. "Passenger Mutations Confound Interpretation of All Genetically Modified Congenic Mice." Immunity.. 2015 Jul 21; 43(1):200-9. Epub 2015 Jul 07.

Kottmann RM, Sharp J, Owens K, Salzman P, Xiao GQ, Phipps RP, Sime PJ, Brown EB, Perry SW. "Second harmonic generation microscopy reveals altered collagen microstructure in usual interstitial pneumonia versus healthy lung." Respiratory research.. 2015 May 27; 16:61. Epub 2015 May 27.

Burke KA, Dawes RP, Cheema MK, Van Hove A, Benoit DS, Perry SW, Brown E. "Second-harmonic generation scattering directionality predicts tumor cell motility in collagen gels." Journal of biomedical optics.. 2015 May 0; 20(5):051024.

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