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Funding Opportunities

Pilot Award Program

The goal of this program is to stimulate new research on HIV/AIDS, including the formation of new, multidisciplinary HIV/AIDS research teams that leverage unique institutional strengths through direct funding for innovative and developmental research. From 2008-current the CFAR has distributed 52 awards to researchers across various dimensions of HIV/AIDS research in excess of $1.65 million which have yielded a 14:1 return on investment in terms of new grants. To learn more about funding opportunities, please contact Laura Enders.

Micro Grants Program

The Micro Grants Program is intended to facilitate HIV/AIDS research by providing modest, but essential, resources that will advance research objectives - but that are not readily available from other sources. Funds may be used to support existing NIH-funded research activity, or the generation of preliminary data for planned HIV/AIDS-related NIH grant applications for activities within the United States. Costs of up to $2,500 per approved request will be supported.

Supplemental Award Program

The CFAR Program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) invites applications from currently funded CFARs to apply for administrative supplements. The purpose of administrative supplements is two-fold:

  • To support a broad range of highly innovative research projects and pilot studies to address key gaps in our understanding of HIV/AIDS.
  • To support new investigators who have not yet received an NIH award in AIDS research as well as established investigators in non-HIV fields who have never received an NIH research award for HIV/AIDS studies. This funding will provide support for development of preliminary data to support an NIH research project grant application.

Voucher Program

To enhance the use and utility of cutting-edge instrumentation, CFAR offers funding vouchers for direct application to instrumentation that best suits research needs. Vouchers are competitively awarded and can provide up to $4,000 in user fees.