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PM 488 Experimental Therapeutics (CRN: 78681) 3 Credit Hours

Instructor: Karl Kieburtz, MD
This course is designed for individuals interested in the process for identifying novel interventions for diseases, and for their eventual introduction into humans. Topic areas covered will include: Preclinical laboratory techniques useful in assessing an intervention’s ability to modulate a disease mechanism and to potentially influence human disease; the preclinical safety data needed before initiating human experimentation, the appropriate techniques for extrapolating dosages from animals to humans; types of human experimentation (Phase I-Phase IV clinical trials) and the level of animal and human evidence necessary to progress from one phase of experimentation to the next; and ethical underpinnings of human experimentation.

Tuesday, CTSI lecture 12:15 – 3:15 p.m. (including CTSI seminar), Saunders Research Building (SRB) 1.402

Please note that scheduled class times and rooms may change prior to the beginning of classes. Updated information will be placed on our departmental web page as it becomes available: Public Health Sciences

For more information about the courses listed below, please contact the instructor or Pattie Kolomic, Graduate Programs Administrator, (585) 275-7882,

Spring classes begin on Tuesday, January 22

Spring Break: March 11 – 15, 2013
Classes End: April 30, 2013