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Latest Grants & Awards

Robert Quivey, Ph.D.
Welcher Professor in Dental Research in the Center for Oral Biology
Director, Center for Oral Biology
NIH/NIDCR- 6/1/15-5/31/20
Oxidative Stress Responses in Oral Streptococci

Our goal is to determine whether it is possible to tip the ecological balance in dental plaque in favor of oral microorganisms associated with health, rather than with disease. In Aim 1 of the project, we will use proteomics to identify proteins associated with the S. mutans oxidative stress response.  In Aim 2, we will use a complementary transcriptomic approach to establish the number of S. mutans genomic transcripts associated with the oxidative stress response.  In Aim 3, we will use an established collection of genetically barcoded deletion mutant strains of S. mutans, created by our laboratory, to assign mutant strains to the proteins and transcripts identified in Aims 1 and 2.  This sub-library of mutant strains will be co-cultured with S. gordonii to determine the contribution of each gene in the sub-library to the ability of S. mutans to compete with S. gordonii.  In Aim 4, we will use the sub-library of mutant strains, identified in Aim 3, in the rat model of oral microbial infection, to determine the contribution of each oxidative stress gene to the ability of S. mutans to infect rats.  We will also use the deletion mutant sub-library to test sensitivity to compounds known to affect the ability of S. mutans to grow.  In this way, we will identify metabolic pathways responsive to oxidative stress. Our long-term goal is to identify new, and possibly probiotic, mechanisms for reducing dental disease in humans.

Wei Hsu, Ph.D.
Professsor of Biomedical Genetics in the Center for Oral Biology
Professor of Oncology in the Center for Oral Biology
NYSTEM- 6/1/14-5/31/17
Stem Cell-mediated Craniofacial Skeletogenesis in Health and Disease
The objective of this proposal is to identify and characterize the stem cells responsible for calvarial morphogenesis in health and disease.

Marit Aure, Ph.D. (Catherine Ovitt, Ph.D. laboratory)
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Oral Biology

Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation-7/1/15-6/30/17
Cell lineage analysis in lacrimal gland maintenance and repair
Aim 1. To establish the mechanism of acinar cell maintenance in adult lacrimal gland homeostasis.
Aim 2. Aim 2: To determine the regenerative capacity of specific cell lineages in the adult lacrimal gland.