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Cardiac Catheterization - Catheter Interventions

Catheter interventions are special non-surgical procedure performed during the cardiac catheterization that may help delay or avoid the need for surgery. They may include the following:

Balloon Valvuloplasty

A specialized catheter with a balloon on the end is passed across a blocked valve and inflated to produce a semi-controlled tear of the valve to reduce blockage.Balloon Angioplasty

Balloon Angioplasty

A specialized catheter with a balloon on the end is passed across a narrowed blood vessel and inflated to produce a semi-controlled tear in scar tissue to enlarge the blood vessel and improve blood flow.


A stainless steel mesh tube (similar to chicken wire configuration) is delivered through a catheter to a narrow blood vessel. The stent is expanded on a specialized balloon catheter and released to reduce the obstruction across the narrowed vessel. This helps to improve blood flow through blood vessels in the lungs or vessels to the body.

Coil Occlusion

A pre-formed steel coil with Dacron fibers is placed through a catheter into an abnormal blood vessel and used to occlude the vessel.

Septal Occluder

Amplatzer® Septal Occluder

A specialized device woven from specially heat-treated nickel-titanium wires used to occlude/block off a hole in your heart. This alloy is extremely flexible, resistant to corrosion and fatigue-resistant. Another important property of this alloy is its super-elasticity. An Amplatzer device can be compressed into a tiny tube for delivery. When the doctor releases it at the end of the tube, it springs open, returning to its original shape. As the device expands outward, it clamps the defect.Duct Occluder

Amplatzer® Duct Occluder

A specialized device made from the same material as the Amplatzer Septal Occluder used to block off abnormal blood vessels such as a patent ductus arteriosus.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Specialized procedure used to treat patients with abnormal heart rhythms. After careful assessment the electrical system of the heart, electrical energy is passed through a special catheter to burn an abnormal pathway of electrical system to prevent the abnormal heart rhythm.

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