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Cardiac Catheterization - Scheduling Your Catheterization

After being evaluated by your cardiologist the decision to perform a catheterization will be made. The timing of the procedure is dependent on the patient's cardiac condition. Most catheterizations are performed on an elective basis, which means no immediate action is required, but should be scheduled at the earliest convenient date. Other catheterizations may need to be done on an emergent basis, which is determined by the cardiologist and current medical condition.

After your cardiologist has requested the procedure, you will be contacted directly by the catheterization technologist who will schedule the procedure. It is important that any change in personal information (address, phone, and insurance) be updated at each clinic visit with the registration personnel. After the catheterization is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail, which includes pre-procedure instructions. The week preceding your procedure, a member of the cath lab staff will call you to review pre-procedure instructions, review the patient's past medical history and review what will happen after you arrive in the Catheterization Laboratory.

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