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Getting a Shot

  • Doctor listening to a patient's heart

    Today, I am going to the doctor's office. The doctor wants to make sure I am healthy.

  • Patient playing with toys

    When I get there, I will check in at the front desk.

    Then I will wait in the waiting room until my name is called. There are fun toys to play with!

  • Nurse calling a patient's name

    When the nurse calls my name, I will walk down a hallway to another room.

    The nurse will ask me to sit on a table.

  • Nurse wiping a patients arm with a cloth

    Next, the nurse will wipe my arm with a wet cloth. This is to make sure my skin is clean!

    When this is done, the nurse will show me the needle.

  • Two people holding hands

    It is okay to be scared. I can hold someone's hand or count to 10 if I need to!

    Now the nurse will give me the shot. It will hurt a little bit, but it will be over soon.

  • Bandaid

    Next, the nurse will put a band aid on my arm. I will leave it on.

  • Person smiling

    I am all done. Everyone will be proud of me!

  • UR Medicine/Golisano Children's Hospital Lockup

    This social story is brought to you by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Golisano Childrens Hospital.

    Sandy Strong and four of her friends

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