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  • for a child to be to free from wires, IVs and monitors?

    What would you give?

  • What Would You Give?

    What would you give... for a child
    to be free from wires, and monitors?

  • for a child to be a child?

    What would you give...
    for a child to be a child?

  • for a child to be a child?

    Support the children in our region today.

Sandy in Winter

The Kids in Our Region Need Your Help

Child health care organizations from all across the country are seeking support this time of year. But your gift to UR Medicine's Golisano Children's Hospital stays right here in this community, supporting the 85,000 children and families that visit us each year.

Give today and help make miracles happen!

Give Today!

Invest in the Future

What would you give to help find cures and other life-saving discoveries and to help educate our children's future doctors to be among the best in the country?

Holiday Giving

Wrapped GiftHelp make the holidays bright for our patients. There are many ways you can help children by giving this holiday season.

You Make A Difference

Miracle Kid - BenSee how your donations make a difference for patients and families. Our Miracle Kids have amazing stories.