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Dear Friends,

Strong Kids Newsletter

NinaBy the time you read this, we will all be thinking “spring!” Our beautiful parks and yards and window boxes will be beginning to sprout forth blooms of every color and feed and nurture the region’s animal life. How fitting that we at Golisano Children’s Hospital have been planting, too! We have planted a new children’s hospital building. We have planted a multispecialty clinic to optimally care for children and adolescents with disabilities of brain and behavior. We have planted a Center of Excellence in Food Allergy. We have planted a children’s hospital research center. And, we have planted a garden in honor of Amazing Grace Esposito. In a few months, with the water and food provided through your generosity, all of those plantings will blossom and themselves feed and nurture our region’s children, families, and future physicians and nurses. They not only make for a beautiful environment, but also say something very powerful, something very poignant about the values and priorities of this community.

I know we can count on you to nurture all of our projects and bring our vision to fruition. And I know we will see many of you and your children in our halls during the coming years. But I hope, too, that you will take a moment to tell anyone who will listen about what the people of Rochester have built for their children and families and use what we have sown together as a recruitment tool for the employees and families you hope to lure to your business workforce. This is Rochester’s children’s hospital and child health program. We have all earned the right to be proud of what is bound to blossom because of it!


Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD