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Ideas for Young Children

Kevin Blum's Birthday Party

  • Birthday Party for Golisano Children's Hospital
    Ask friends and family to bring donations to Golisano Children's Hospital instead of gifts to your next birthday party.

    Kevin Blum (front left, pictured with his family) decided not to open any presents for his 8th birthday. Instead, he asked his friends and family for donations and checks to Golisano Children’s Hospital. Kevin’s selfless effort raised $150 for the hospital.
  • Spell-a-thon
    A twist on the traditional spelling bee—collect pledges for each word you can spell correctly during a specific period of time. This helps to make studying beforehand more fun, too.
  • Math Lesson in Caring
    Hold a class join collection in order to practice working with numbers, then donate the change collected..
  • Quarter-Mile Miracle
    Your entire school can get involved by collecting enough quarters to span a quarter-mile! We dare you to try.
  • Penny Carnival
    Organize simple carnival games, inviting your classmates to pay a penny to play.
  • Fashion Show
    Hold your fashion show with friends. Have everyone chip in a little bit, give each other make-overs and take donations for tickets.
  • Bike-a-thon
    Collect pledges for specific distances or amount of time you ride your bikes at home (remember, have a parent keep track or come with you and it only counts if you sport a helmet).
  • Read-a-thon
    Collect pledges for each book you read within a month.
  • Raffle with a sports teamRaffle with a Sports Team
    On St. Patrick’s Day, players from the Gates Metro Soccer Club's 10 & Under team sold tickets for The Tim Milgate Charity Golf Tournament's second annual Cruise Raffle—and they raised $325 for Golisano Children's Hospital! If you’d like to raffle something off, fill out a Community Fundraising Application Form and include this interest in your request.
  • Hoops for Strong Kids
    Collect pledges for each basket you can make, throwing balls from different shooting stations (each station having a designated style: "three pointer," foul, backwards toss, lay-up, etc.).
  • Teachers vs. Students Basketball Game
    Take on your teachers...with a twist: teachers have to play one-handed!
  • Bowl for Healthy Kids
    Collect pledges for each pin knocked down in three games. For added fun, strikes can count as double.
  • Girl Scout Troop Project Scout Troop Projects
    Troop 129 made blankets for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Golisano Children's Hospital, where newborn babies and infants are taken care of. The blankets are dark colored on one side—so a baby born early feels like she is inside of her mother's womb—and cheery on the other, so parents can easily find their baby's area in the busy unit.
  • Take a Guess!
    Fill a container with candy, pencils, small toys, etc. You pay a quarter to take a guess at how many pieces are in the container.  Closest guess wins a whole container full of goodies!
  • Make a Book
    Share your favorite jokes or make a clue book with descriptions about items that readers have to guess about. Donate these books to patients at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Ideas for Tweens and Teens