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Golisano Children's Hospital / Giving / Ways to Help / Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines for Donated Items

Please Remember...

  • Please do not wrap gifts. Safety regulations require even labeled gifts to be checked for gift appropriateness. Wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and tags are most welcome as a donation.
  • All items need to be new and clean.
  • Only new stuffed toys can only be given. Used stuffed animals or ones stored on shelves are not allowed.
  • Plastic pellets (beanie animals) are allowed for children over 3 years old. Avoid toys with detachable parts (like button eyes) that can be removed and swallowed or inhaled.
  • Fire regulations forbid electrical, spark-producing, or friction-producing toys.
  • Toys should be sturdy.  Avoid toys that can break and leave sharp edges.  No toys should be made of glass or brittle plastic.
  • Avoid toys with sharp edges or parts that can be poked into eyes.  Avoid latex products.
  • We do not accept toys that display violence.
  • Painted toys should be non-toxic.
  • Toys should not have parts that can pinch fingers and toes or catch hair.
  • Any glue or paint in craft kits must be non-toxic.
  • Toys with numerous small parts which require close supervision is not appropriate.
  • “Humorous” medical toys and games cause fears and misconceptions and are therefore inappropriate.
  • Anything made with food is not permitted.
  • Please refrain from sending large banners and poster size artwork.
  • Denominational or religious materials (In order to respect the individual beliefs of our families, we cannot display or give these out.)