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IMPACT: Inpatient Multidisciplinary Pediatric Asthma Care Team


To implement a care pathway for children and adolescents admitted to the Golisano Children’s Hospital with an asthma flare-up. 


Care pathways are guidelines used by hospitals to provide reliable, high-quality treatment for specific illnesses. They help standardize care and promote best practices. Our team of physicians, nurses and other clinical staff created a children’s asthma care pathway based on national standards.


The team spent nearly a year reviewing medical literature, developing the care pathway itself, and educating physicians, nurses and other clinical staff. The care pathway was rolled out in April 2013. Key features of the care pathway include:

  • InhalerStandardized nursing assessments
  • Use of metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) with spacers, rather than nebulizers, which have been shown to provide medicine more effectively
  • Ongoing family education
  • Earlier discharge from the hospital
  • A written Asthma Action Plan on discharge
  • An outpatient follow-up appointment


We are currently collecting data to measure the success of the initiative. We hope to see shorter hospital stays, decreased costs, fewer patients readmitted with asthma symptoms and an overall better experience for our patients and families.