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Unlocking the Mysteries of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Doctors in the autism clinicRepeating the scripts of the same movie over and over again. Hours spent looking with fascination at fingers or a fan. This is just a glimpse into the world of autism.

One child out of every 68 born today will be diagnosed with autism. That is up 30 percent from numbers reported in 2012. A diagnosis of autism is not what any parent wants to hear. But Golisano Children’s Hospital is providing new options and tools for families to help their children learn and grow.

Supporting One of the Nation’s Premier Autism Centers

A network of 17 North American hospitals are working together through the Autism Treatment Network to establish a standard of care for children and youth with autism. Golisano Children’s Hospital is proud to be one of those institutions.

Our advances through this network, and other research programs, have resulted in improved health and behavioral outcomes for children with autism. But with the prevalence of autism increasing, there is a need for ever more research, treatment, and support.

Your support will help Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, one of the premier clinical and research centers in the U.S. for children and families affected by this challenging disorder.

How Your Gift Can Help

When you make a gift to Golisano Children’s Hospital, you will help children with autism in three important ways; through enhancing care, advancing research, and educating the future professionals who will work with children diagnosed with autism today.

  • Family-Centered Care
    It is not just the patient who is affected by autism; it is the entire family. Supporting families and advocating for strong intervention requires new services and facilities where families can benefit from social work, education, and nursing. Your gift can help support families at the critical times they need it, build an observation room for teaching both parents and students, and develop new clinical services for children and adolescents with autism.
  • Autism Research
    Golisano Children’s Hospital is uniquely connected to our community—our schools, families, and medical professionals. The clinical research we are doing addresses the questions that they raise: What is the best way to teach young children to communicate? How can we help families teach their children in everyday activities? What is the most effective way for schools to work with students with autism? How should sleeping, eating, and medical problems be managed? Your gift will help our researchers work on these and other research questions to improve the care of children and youth with autism.
  • Education
    We are making progress preparing clinicians to screen children for the early diagnosis and early treatment of autism. But we need to increase our educational focus on the latest interventions for autism. We need to train young physicians, nurses, psychologists, educators, and other professionals to carry on our work. Your donation might help a student or resident who will go on to make a breakthrough discovery, or be there to help your friend, neighbor, or family member.

More Information

For more information regarding how you can support these important programs, please contact:

Golisano Children's Hospital
University of Rochester Advancement
Phone: (585) 273-5948