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Louise Slaughter Conference Room, 1-9555Below are SCORE presentations from previous academic years. For event materials, please contact SCORE.

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Date Presenter(s) Materials
URMC, 1-9555
Research "Gaming" and Coordinator Networking
Kelly Unsworth, Director, Research Education & Training, Office for Human Subjects Protection
Nancy Needler, Manager, Research Coordinator Program, Clinical and Translational Science Institute

SCORE Meeting Flyer

Research Gaming Presentation

URMC, 2-7544

Privacy & Security Update: Relevant Topics for Research
Zachary Arnold, Privacy Officer for Research and Academics, Department of Finance
James Purvis, CISA, CISM, HIPAA Security Official, SMH, URMFG and UHS, Information Security Office

SCORE Meeting Flyer

Privacy and Security

URMC, 2-7520

FDA Inspections: Real Experiences & Lessons Learned

Jennifer Dolan, MS, LMT, CCRC
Associate, Research Quality Improvement, OHSP
Kathleen Wessman, RN, MPA, RQAP-GCP, CCRC
Director, Research Quality Improvement, OHSP

Joan E. Adamo, PhD
Director, Regulatory Support Services, CTSI

Gary Gagarinas, COMT, CCRA
Director of Clinical Trials, Flaum Eye Institute, Department of Ophthalmology
Lori C. Caulfield, RN, BSN, CCRC
Senior Clinical Research Study Coordinator, Cardiology Division, Department of Medicine
Doreen M. Francis, RN, CCRC
Project Nurse, Medicine/Infectious Diseases: Vaccine Research Unit

SCORE Meeting Flyer




BIMO Site Audit Checklist

Louise Slaughter Conference Room, 1-9555
Mindfulness in the Workplace - Presentation of Ronald Epstein's recorded session with interactive exercises facilitated by Nancy A. Needler, BS, CCRC, Clinical & Translational Science Institute

SCORE Meeting Flyer

Mindfulness in the Workplace

SRB, 1.416

Open Discussion: Share issues and potential solutions to barriers to enhance research coordination.

Icebreaker: Introducing our Topics Board

Facilitator: Nancy A. Needler, BS, CCRC

Email SCORE for information

Ryan Case Method, 1-9576

8th Annual SCORE Half-Day Seminar: Professional Development for Research Personnel

Noreen Connolly, MS, JD, CCRC, Event Facilitator, Health Project Coordinator

Christopher P. Niemiec, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Research Associate

Michael S. Leonard, MD, MS, Associate Chief Quality Officer

Sharyl Zaccaglino, Director, Research Quality and Compliance, Upstate Stem Cell cGMP Facility

Ronald Epstein, MD, Professor of Family Medicine, Psychiatry & Oncology


Keynote: Self Determination Theory: Optimal Motivation at Work

Session 1: Root Cause Analysis Simulation

Session 2: An Orientation to the Development of Standard Operating Procedures

SOP template

Session 3: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Disclosure to Participants

SRB, 1.416

Amanda Davin, Academic IT and David Pinto, BS, RN, CTSI Clinical Research Informaticist
Open Discussion - REDCap and eRecord
Simple questions answered - questions requiring research will inform future presentations

REDCap and eRecord slides

SRB, 1.416

Hear My Story: Sharing the When, How, and Why in Developing and Advancing a Career in Research

Panelists: David Oldfield, Project Nurse, SMH Pulmonary; Noreen Connolly, Health Project Coordinator, Neurology, Strong Epilepsy Center; and Jessica DeSanctis Keith, Student, Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology, University of Rochester

Helen Wood Hall, 1W-502

Utilizing URMC Laboratory Resources for Collecting and Processing Biological Clinical Research Samples

Presented by: URMC Labs - Kris Kuryla, Clinical Trials Operations Manager; Debbie Street & Sarah Miscavage, Clinical Trials Project Assistants and Kelly Callahan, Sr. Health Project Coordinator, Division of Allergy/Immunology & Rheumatology

URMC Labs handouts and displayed materials

URMC Labs introductory slides

Medical Center, CEL 2-7534

Open Discussion Sessions: Share issues and potential solutions to barriers to enhance research coordination

Ice breaker - Resources for coordinators to get phlebotomy training

Two sessions available: 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Facilitator: Nancy A. Needler

Email SCORE for information
Medical Center, CEL 2-7534


REDCap for Coordinators:  Applied Uses and Advanced Features

Presenters: Paul D. Allen, PhD, Otolaryngology Research Program Manager; Amanda Davin & Carrie Irvine, REDCap Administrators, Academic IT


REDCap Overview - P. Allen

REDCap New Features - C. Irvine

REDCap Surveys Advanced Features

REDCap New Features-Calc Fields


Date Presenter(s) Materials

Helen Wood Hall,

Social Media in Research Recruitment
Presenter: Donna Berryman, Senior Associate Director Medical Center Libraries & Technologies

Presentation slides


Medical Center, Center for Experimental Learning (CEL),
Rm. 2-7544

Open Discussion Session: Share issues and potential solutions to barriers to enhance research coordination. Email SCORE for information.

Helen Wood Hall,

Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI):

Recruitment and Retention Resources


Carrie Dykes PhD - Research Engagement Specialist, CTSI

Ann Miller RN - Nurse Manager, Clinical Research Center

Nellie Wixom BS RD - Registered Dietician, Clinical Research Center

Objective: Participants should be able to identify all CTSI recruitment and retention resources and identify how to obtain access to those resources.

Presentation slides

HWH, 1W501

“RARE” documentary — This feature documentary follows an extraordinary mother in a race against time, as she unites a group of isolated people from around the world in a quest to treat her daughter’s rare genetic disease.

RARE won the 2013 Special Jury Award at the Long Island Film Festival. A short trailer and additional information about the film is available at

Introduced by Kelly Unsworth, Director of Research Education, Office for Human Subject Protection.

Email SCORE for information.

SRB 1416

SCORE Open Discussion Session: Share issues, barriers and potential solutions to enhance research coordination.

  • Study Start-Up Assessment Tool in REDCap – with Maria Frazer;
  • Follow-up items;
    • Coordinator Discussion Listserv – Nancy Needler;
    • Coordinators On-Call 24/7 – Noreen Connolly;

Other shared topics.


Nancy Needler, BS, CCRC
CTSI, Manager, Research Coordinator Program

Email SCORE for information.

SRB 1416

SCORE Open Discussion Session: Share issues, barriers and potential solutions to enhance research coordination


Nancy Needler, BS, CCRC
CTSI, Manager, Research Coordinator Program

Email SCORE for information

Helen Wood Hall Auditorium,

7th Annual SCORE Half-Day Event:

Professional Development Seminar for Research Personnel

Ann Michael Henry, Professional Organizer

Carol Shuherk, PhD, University of Rochester, Senior Associate Provost

Maria Marconi, EdD, RN, CNE, University of Rochester, School of Nursing, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing

Interactive Session with all presenters

Poster Session:

Sara Defendorf, Health Project Coordinator

Vincent DeRienzo, EDRA Program Coordinator

Nancy Needler, Manager, CTSI Research Coordinator Program

Diane Smith, Health Project Coordinator

Holly Widanka, Senior Health Project Coordinator


Announcement slides

Overloaded, Overwhelmed, Stressed Work Team? The Bad News is Time Flies - The Good News is You're the Pilot


Seeing Communication’s Hidden Dimensions:  Keys to Developing Habits that Ease Tensions, Build Relationships

Activity handout

Leveraging Generational Diversity:  Maximizing Team Functioning

Let's Make It Real - Critical Decision Making Using a Workplace Scenario Exercise & Interactive Discussions

Let’s Make It Real exercise handout

Mind Mapped Text Outline

References for all Sessions

The Challenges of Clinical Trials in Rare Disease: Lessons from Batten Disease

Emergency Department Research Associate Program (EDRA)

Professionalizing Academic Health Center Research Coordinators

Subject - Unrecognized Medication Adherence Errors in Equivalence Among Generic AED Chronic Dose Trial

Longitudinally Evaluating a Community Council Comprised of Community Members

Helen Wood Hall,

eRecord and You: Using the Electronic Health Record for Clinical Research

Adam Tatro, MS, RN,
Clinical Research Informaticist

Presentation slides

Saunders Research Building, 1416

Quality Improvement in Research: A Demonstration of an On-Site Review

Kathleen Wessman, RN, MPA, RQAP-GCP, CCRC; Director, Research Quality Improvement, OHSP
Office for Human Subject Protection

Jennifer Dolan, MS, LMT, CCRC
Associate, Research Quality Improvement
Office for Human Subject Protection

A Demonstration of an On-Site Review

Video Presentation

Helen Wood Hall,

SCOREOpen Discussion Session: Share issues, barriers and potential solutions to enhance research coordination.


Nancy Needler, BS, CCRC
CTSI, Manager, Research Coordinator Program

Email SCORE for information.

Medical Center, 2-7520

Integrity Matters: Protecting Patient Privacy is Everyone’s Job

Diane Healy, Privacy Officer for Research, SMD, SON, MHFC

Material is available on the HIPAA intranet site.

Medical Center, 2-7520

Fraud Awareness and Prevention

Debra Russell, CPA, CFE Manager, Office of University Audit

Email SCORE for information.

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Date Presenter(s) Materials

Helen Wood Hall, 1W509

Coordinator's Holiday Wish List Begins with You...

Through open discussion, let’s build our coordinator wish list by identifying challenges in performing tasks, and let’s give the gift of sharing best practices.   

Email SCORE for information.

Helen Wood Hall, 1W509

Best Practices: Managing Investigational Product and Sample Transport

Stephen Bean, PharmD
Investigational Drug Service,
Pharmacy SMH

Sonia Rosenberger, DVM, MSOH
Institutional Biosafety Officer
Environmental Health & Safety

Role of an Investigational Drug Service(IDS) Pharmacy in Drug Studies –Why Investigational Product Processes Need To Be Strictly Governed

Transporting Patient Specimens – What Works, What Doesn’t


Helen Wood Hall, 1W509

Let’s Talk Recruitment Tools,

Nancy Needler, CTSI, Research Coordinator Program Manager

Announcement slides - Let's Talk Recruitment Tools

Email SCORE for additional information on the Clinical Research Study Ad Portal.

Helen Wood Hall, 1W509

Open Discussion

Facilitator: Nancy Needler, CTSI, Research Coordinator Program Manager

No event materials provided



SCORE Half-Day Seminar

Kelly Unsworth, Director of Research Education & Training, Office for Human Subject Protection

Deborah Shepps Campbell, Manager, Clinical Research Coordination
Maria Allen, Health Project Coordinator

Research Study Data - Are Metrics a Burden or a Treasure
Moderator: R. James White, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care

Essential Documents - It's Not Just a Binder

Responding to Adverse Events Affecting Study Subjects - Evaluating, Reporting and Identifying Training Opportunities

Data-Driven Decisions for Planning and Budgeting Research Protocols - Kian Merchant-Borna, Research Manager, Department of Emergency Medical Research
Research Study Data - Using Metrics to Monitor Study Performance in the context of an Emergency Department Enroller Program - Nancy Wood, Senior Health Project Coordinator, Department of Emergency Medical Research
Public Health Science Data Collection and Analysis - Ryan Jones, Senior Health Project Coordinator, Department of Public Health Sciences


Privacy & Security

Diane Healy, Privacy Officer for Research, School of Medicine & Dentistry, School of Nursing and Mt. Hope Family Center

Anjan Bagchee, Program Director, HIPAA Security Official and Ben Cheung, Manager for IT Security & Research - Academic IT

Privacy Tips: Disclosure Logs, Subject Access to Records, and Email Communications. For materials for this session, please email SCORE.

Security Tips: Safeguarding Research Data

4/9/14 Introduction to LEAN as it Relates to Research
Jenny Argentieri, Manager, LEAN Education and Training, URMC
Overview of LEAN at URMC
LEAN Training Request Form
SCORE April Handout - Forms of Waste in Health Care
2/13/14 A Mini-Series: Building a Coordinator Tool-Kit for Research Quality - Part II
Moderator: Jennifer Dolan, Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP)
Study Participant Audit in Relation to Fraud Awareness and Prevention - Debra Russell and Shirley Brown, University Audit
For materials for this session, please email SCORE.
Sanity & Organization in Clinical Research - Sue Ladwig, Palliative Care
Medical Center Compliance and Clinical Research Billing Compliance - Michael Ritz & Frederick Holderle, Research Compliance
1/9/14 A Mini-Series: Building a Coordinator Tool-Kit for Research Quality - Part I
Moderated by Jennifer Dolan, Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP)
What is a Research Quality Improvement Review - Jennifer Dolan & Kathleen Wessman, OHSP
Conducting Your Own QA Reviews - Amy Rovitelli, Cancer Center
A Quality Management Plan - Cindy MacDonald, Infectious Disease
ICF Compliance Review Checklist
ICH GCP Essential Document Checklist

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Date Presenter(s) Materials

A Photographic History of Research at the Medical Center, 1925-45
Christopher Hoolihan, Rare Books and Manuscripts Librarian, Edwards G. Miner Library

A Photographic History of Early Years of the University of Rochester Medical Center


Carl D’Angio MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Research Ethics - Concepts, Hot Topics and Help with Tough Decisions
Follow-up document: Questions from SCORE November Meeting Addressed by Dr. D'Angio


Sharing Recruitment Stories
Karen Vitalie, Moderator


Deaf Weight Wise Study- Lori DeWindt
Senior Connection Study- Nicole Driffill
Traumatic Brain Injury Study - Kian Merchant-Bona
Update on URMC Health Research Website - Connie Bottoni


Kelly Unsworth
Office of Human Subject Protection (OHSP)

Learning the Consent Process: How to Swim, Not Sink



SCORE Half Day Seminar: "Fostering A Culture Of Research"

Nancy M. Bennett, MD, MS
Director, Center for Community Health, Professor of Medicine &
Public Health Sciences

Mary Therese Biltucci, RDH, MA
Eastman Institute for Oral Health

Patricia Larrabee, NP, CEO
Rochester Clinical Research, Inc.

SCORE Half Day 2013Agenda/Program

SCORE Half Day Announcement Slides

Partnering with the Community to Foster Research_Bennett

University of Rochester Eastman Institute for Oral Health_Biltucci,

Field of Dreams? How to work like a team in a traditional solo field_Larrabee


Stephen Bean, Investigational Drug Service (IDS), Department of Pharmacy


Pat Bolger, Director, Clinical and Business Affairs, Clinical Materials Supplies Unit.

Issues Concerning the Control of Investigational Study Drug Supplies at the Study Site - S. Bean

Clinical Trial Drug Supply: Factors to Consider When Planning a Study - P. Bolger

Basic Acct. Form Template

Temperature hi-low Check Form Template


Mike Ritz, Research Compliance Officer, ORPA & Terese Mason, Research Compliance Analyst, Medical Center Compliance Office

Expectations for Research Studies Effort Allocations: Understanding the “My Activities” template


Lauren Farberman

CTSI, Office of Regulatory Support


Diane Healy,

 URMC Privacy Officer for Research, SMD, SON, MHFC

Electronic Communication with Subjects and Other Privacy Topics

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Date Presenter(s) Materials

Linda Hasman
Miner Library Librarian

Resources Available through Miner Library


Dr. Fred Mis
Environmental Health & Safety

Elizabeth Ballard
Manager of UR Interpreter Service Program

Use of Radioactive Materials for Human Research

Interpreter Services Program


Ann Dozier PhD, Associate Professor,
Recruitment & Retention

Newly Revised CTSI Health Research Website: How to post your studies.

(no meeting materials)


Carrie Irvine and Amanda Devin, Academic IT with panelists: Marie Flannery, Karen SchmeelkCone,

Nicole O’Dell and Sarah Wesgate

REDCap Overview & Demonstration

A panel of URMC Research Coordinators shared their own experiences of using REDCap 


The 4th Annual SCORE Half Day Workshop: "Health Research Management for the Study Coordinator"

Erika Stevens, MA,  Senior Manager, Health Care Advisory, Ernst & Young LLP

Kris Kuryla, Moderator, Clinical Trials Manager, URMC Labs & Chair, ACRP Western NY Chapter with Panelists: Virginia Doran, Institutional and Professional; Lorraine Ellis, Industry & Education; Denise Forster, Private Practice; and Lisa Norsen, Formal Education (SON).

Informed Consent: Interactive session moderated by Rick Barrett, Sr. Health Research Coordinator

SCORE 2012 Half Day Announcement  Slides

The Professionalization of Research Coordinators-Stevens

Career Development Across the Continuum – A Panel Discussion_Kuryla

Best Practices: The Informed Consent Process: Starting From First Contact – An Interactive Session (no meeting materials for this presentation).


Round Table Discussions moderated by Nancy Needler, Research Subject Advocate and Rick Barrett, Sr. Health Project Coordinator with Kelley O’Donoghue, Research Subject Review Board

Round Table Discussions: 1) "Keeping Current on Policies & Practices" and 2) "Enrollment of Adult Decisionally-Incapacitated Research Subjects and Permission of Authorized Representatives"


Karen Rabinowitz JD, Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics

The 3 C's of Clinical Trials: Contracts, Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest


Ann Dozier PhD – Moderator. Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Health Sciences

Use of Social Media in Research Recruitment: A Discussion


Ann Dozier PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Health Sciences

Principles of Recruitment: Human Subject Recruitment Strategies, Tactics & Resources.

Recruitment Overview
Presentation Hand Outs
Enrollment Tracking Tool
Pre-enrollment Tool


Dr. Christopher Ritchlin, Principal Investigator & Mike Barrett, Sr. Research Coordinator

Protocol Safety & Management: From the View point of a Principal Investigator

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Date Presenter(s) Materials

Hosts: Lauren Farberman and Rick Barrett

Research Wheel of Fortune


Kelley O’Donoghue
Office of Human Subject Protection

Lauren Farberman and Nancy Needler
CTSI, Office of Regulatory Support

Things to Consider when an Investigator Leaves the UR_K ODonoghue

Recruitment Tool Overview: ResearchMatch.org_Farberman_Needler


Fall Meet N Greet

See 051811 presentation materials 


2011 June Half Day Workshop

Elise Kayson and Shari Kinel

Gunta Liders and Kelley O’Donoghue

Facilitator Kris Kuryla, and Panelists Susan Groth and Susan Jackson

Pamela C. Smith

The Future Design of Clinical Research Studies – Lessons Learned from Research Participants (Kayson/Kinel)

Understanding Conflict of Interest (COI) Management Plans: The Role of the Research Coordinator  (Liders/O’Donoghue)

Recruitment and Retention of Vulnerable Populations – A Panel Discussion (Kuryla) Using Your Personal Power to Promote a Healthy Work Environment (Smith)


Meet N Greet List of Presenters:

Connie Bottoni SCORE

Bill Kelvie - Office for Human Subject Protection (OHSP)

Linda Vineski, OHSP, Research Quality Assurance’ Tiffany Gommel, OHSP, Research Subjects Review Board (RSRB)

Mike Ritz & Brenda Kavanaugh-Office of Research & Project Administration (ORPA)

Lauren Farberman - CTSI Research Navigator Program; Nancy Needler - Research Subject Advocate; Ann Dozier PhD, CTSI, Community Engagement Function

Kris Kuryla, URMC Clinical Labs

Diane Healy, HIPAA Privacy Officer

Patrick Bolger - URMC Clinical Material Services Unit

Karen Vitale – CTSI – Greater Rochester Practice-Based Network (PBRN)

A Health Research Coordinator

Meet N Greet: A networking opportunity for

Research Coordinators – focused presentation to those new in the role of human subjects research coordination


Research Quality Assurance


Research Navigator Program

Community Engagement Function

URMC Clinical Labs


URMC Clinical Materials Services Unit

Greater Rochester PBRN

Research Resources Contact List


Kristine Kuryla,
URMC Clinical Labs

URMC Lab Resources for Research Study Coordinators



Ann Dozier PhD,
Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Health Sciences

Recruitment Resources for the Research Study Coordinator


Mike Ritz, Compliance Officer


Highlights of UR Clinical Research Billing Policy and Standard Operating Procedures


Ann Dozier, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Health Sciences

An Open Discussion

SCORE: Supporting Coordinators Today & Tomorrow

(no meeting materials)

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