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Faculty Career Development Workshops

The UR CTSI offers career development opportunities for faculty at all stages of their careers, including two three-day skill-building courses and a bimonthly workshop series that are co-sponsored by UR CTSI and URSMD Office for Faculty Development:

Early Stage Faculty Boot Camp

This free, one-year career development course,  is designed to help senior instructors and assistant professors at URMC identify the skills they need to advance their careers. The course will be held October 2021 - June 2022 with virtual meetings help the second Wednesday of each month, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. For more information, contact course directors Ronnie Guillet, M.D., Ph.D., or Janine Shapiro, M.D.

See the full program description. 


Faculty at the senior instructor or assistant professor level are invited to apply for this program. Application implies commitment to the program, to developing an individual career development project and submission of a summary of the implemented project. Applications are due by August 31, 2021. 

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Course Topics

  • Framing your career
    • ​Academic career planning
    • Identifying a mentor, being a mentee
    • Preparing a CV
    • Promotion and tenure
    • Examples of successful careers as a basic or clinical researcher or educator
  • Local resources available to foster career development
  • Research
    • Making your own path
    • Funding support
    • Role of career development grants
    • Understanding the NIH grant review process
  • Publishing your work
  • Education
    • Advancing your career as an educator
    • Transforming your educational activities into scholarship
    • Development of an educator’s portfolio
  • Wellness and work-life balance

Career Engagement, Revitalization, and Transition

This free, three-day course, offered in the fall of even numbered years, is designed to help associate professors and professors identify additional resources and further develop necessary skills as they advance through the phases of their academic careers. The next course will be held in the fall of 2020 and registration will open in June. For more information, contact course directors Ronnie Guillet, M.D., Ph.D., or Janine Shapiro, M.D.

Course Topics

  • Administrative and leadership opportunities – which, when, why, how
  • Communication skills – teamwork, conflicts, negotiation, professionalism
  • Wellness and Time Management
  • URMC and University-wide resources
  • Transitioning from K to R
  • Career development for medical educators
  • Changing directions
  • Part-time vs Full-time appointments
  • Transitioning to retirement