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TriNetX provides comprehensive resources, training materials, and a community forum in its Help Center. You can access these resources by clicking the “Help” at the top-right corner of the webpage when you log into your TriNetX account, and choosing the resource link in the pull-down menu.

For any questions or if you need assistance, please submit a request to the UR CTSI Research Request Dashboard.

TriNetX Access Instructions

  1. Go to TriNetX.
  2. Enter your URMC email address in the email field. The password field will be automatically hidden when a valid URMC email is entered.
  3. Click “Login”, and you will be brought to "Sign in with your username and password" page.
  4. Enter your URMC Active Directory Credentials
    1. Your username is the one you use to login to your office computer. It is not your email address.
    2. Your password is what you use to check your URMC email.
  5. Choose “URMC Active Directory” from the Domain drop-down list, and click “Sign In”.
  6. You will be brought into your TriNetX study page.
  7. If you login from a computer that is not on URMC network, Duo Authentication will kick in and asks for your approval on this login request from your registered mobile device. Upon successful login, the computer is recorded as a trusted device and you will not need to go through the Duo Authentication again, unless there is no active login from that computer in 60 days.
  8. Your account will be automatically locked after 5 consecutive failed login attempts. Please contact CTSI Informatics for support if this happens.