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  1. Online self-paced training
    1. Basic TriNetX training modules are available via MyPath (mandatory to get account setup) and the online Training Center on the TriNetX website. These modules offer basic training, recorded workshops, and webinars that walk through the features of TriNetX. Both trainings are close-captioned.
    2. Advanced TriNetX training modules on TriNetX Research & Analytics, the new Incidence & Prevalence features on TriNetX Analytics, and on the TriNetX Research Network are available at the online Training Center on the TriNetX website.
  2. ‚ÄčLive training
    1. Webinars – A schedule of upcoming overviews to the three main TriNetX features available to URMC researchers: Basic Functionality, TriNetX Analytics, and TriNetX Research Network are available on the TriNetX Training Center website.
    2. Department Show-n-Tell – An on-demand demo (between 15-30 minutes) to departments or groups (Fellows, Residents, New Faculty, etc) covering general topics. For scheduling, email CTSI Informatics
    3. Advanced querying workshops – The TriNetX Advanced Querying Workshop is a 90-minute monthly class that will explore advanced querying concepts such as rare diseases, managing and understanding coding systems to find terms, and using the event and temporal features. Participants should have a basic understanding of the TriNetX interface, and be able to build simple queries. Laptops are recommended but not required. These workshops are temporarily paused during the COVID pandemic.
  3. Accessible training for Deaf scientists – Both the Basic and Advanced TriNetX trainings available on MyPath or Blackboard are closed captioned. If you see a training on the TriNetX website that you would like closed captioned, please email CTSI Informatics. Two additional trainings are available with closed captioning (sign onto Blackboard with your NETID):
    • New User Training: an additional training that closely reviews advanced queries, including time dependent queries i.e. querying for patients being prescribed a medication one year before a diagnosis (This can be substituted for the Advanced TriNetX training.)
    • Introduction to Community: an online platform that connects TriNetX users across the globe to answer questions and collaborate (The first 17 minutes of the video describes the platform while the remainder describes a contest that has since ended.)