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Research Nursing

The research nursing team, with adult and pediatric experience, is assigned exclusively to the CRC unit for inpatient and outpatient services. Pat Pincus, RN, MPH, CIC, CCRC, leads the unit. Our nurses have many years of research experience and a wide variety of expertise which include: telemetry; hypo-, hyper-, and eu-glycemic clamp procedures; timed specimen collection; and processing. For nursing assistance (including off-site nursing) and patient scheduling, please contact the unit at (585) 275-2907. CRC nurses are invaluable for their flexibility to your research needs, attention to clinical care and overall technical support.

Key Personnel

Patricia PincusNurse Manager

Patricia Pincus, RN, MPH, CIC, CCRC, has led the research team as nurse manager since 1992 with over 35 years of adult and pediatric clinical research experience. She oversees the nursing staff in regards to safe patient care delivery and protocol compliance. Serving on the CRC Advisory Committee, as well as other hospital committees, she reports to the Program Director, the Clinical Chief of Adult Nursing Practice, and works closely with the CRC Administrator.
Phone: (585) 275-2907

Ann MillerNurse Leader

Ann Miller, RN, BSN, MS, CCRC, has been the Nurse Leader since 1997. She is responsible for the coordination of the staff educational and competency programs. She conducts and trains others in the use of insulin clamp procedures, her major area of expertise.
Phone: (585) 275-2907

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Services Provided

CRC Nurses Station CRC Inpatient Room

Lab Processing Room Outpatient Room

In addition to the normal standards of Nursing Practice, the following are provided by the Clinical Research Center nursing staff:

  • 24-hour nursing coverage for all research protocols including inpatient and outpatient services for adult and pediatric subjects
  • Private outpatient examination rooms to promote confidentiality
  • Nursing staff with a variety of backgrounds including medical, surgical, and pediatric experience
  • Off-site nurses are available for neonatal and infectious disease studies
  • Initiating of IVs, blood draws, and specimen processing
  • Serial blood sampling setups (i.e., tubes, labels, transfer tubes, and flow sheets)
  • Precise collection of samples including 24-hour urines and serial blood samples
  • Assistance for biopsies (muscle and fat)
  • Basal metabolic rate determinations
  • Specialized tests, such as DEXA scans and autonomic testing with tilt tables
  • Orientation with investigators for protocol design, technique, and initiation

DEXA Scanner Noya Rackovsky, MS

Noya Rackovsky, MS
Coordinates and oversees the operation of the CRC’s Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scanner.
Phone: (585) 273-4920

Child Care Room 1 Child Care Room

Child care services are available for research participant families. Our child care room is staffed with a Child Life Assistant.

To schedule an appointment for this service, call (585) 275-2907.

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