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Resources and Services

Resources and services are available to University of Rochester researchers and their staff, in support of research-program development and project-specific planning and operation.

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Services Offered

Personalized assistance is currently available through a number of University entities. Expertise is provided by experienced faculty and staff, often coordinated by departmental service centers. Please click on the titles below to learn more about what is offered.

Assistance is also available to support the following:

Personalized Assistance

The Research Navigator Program facilitates access to a range of consultation services for personalized assistance. Services are organized to ensure that investigators have support for both project development and to conduct studies. Referrals may be made for one or more consultations with experts in specific disciplines, to institutional service providers or potential collaborators. If a discussion with a consultation service is either requested or recommended, program staff will support referral to appropriate service(s).

In some cases, consultation services may have service-specific fees. Limited financial assistance, to fund consultation fees, is available to researchers conducting clinical and translational investigations.

To initiate a consultation, please use the Research Request Dashboard.