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Cost-Effectiveness Consultation Service

The goal of the Cost-Effectiveness Consultation Service is to provide investigators and trainees with research collaboration, education, and consultation on questions pertaining to economic evaluations of translational medical innovations broadly defined. These could include drugs, devices, medical procedures, or health programs and interventions either in development or already approved and in current use. Such investigations can examine economic consequences and cost-effectiveness of existing technologies given existing utilization patterns, pricing structures, and financing arrangement of the technology under study or model potential economic consequence if data are not available. For instance, investigations may take the form of “what if.”

  1. What are the different research methods and options to address the economic consequences of translational technologies and treatments? What are there strengths and limitations?
  2. What are the different research methods and options to estimate the impact of translational technologies and treatments on health care utilization? What are the strengths and limitations?
  3. When conducting a clinical trial, when is it appropriate and feasible to consider an economic component? What are the approaches to collecting, monetizing and analyzing costs alongside a clinical trial?
  4. What are the analytic approaches to quantifying and presenting uncertainty in estimates of cost-effectiveness? How can results of economic evaluation be interpreted for clinical practice or health policy?