In-House Fees and Billing

Instruments Charge Location
FV1000 Olympus Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope First two hours – no charge;
thereafter, $26.25/hr
Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope First two hours – no charge; thereafter, $21/hr 1.2100
Pascal 5 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (Zeiss) First two hours - no charge; thereafter $10/hr 1.2100
Olympus Vanox AH-2
(Brightfield, IF)
$15.75/hr 1.2100
High Definition Camera and Photography Stand $5/hr 1.2100
Image Analysis Capabilities Charge Location
FV1000 3D Image Analysis Workstation (fundamentals only) No charge 4.7546
StereoInvestigator (Stereology Image Analysis) $15/hr or $160/week if over 30 hours per week 1.2100
Image Pro Plus Workstation (Morphometric image analysis) No charge 1.2100
Image J and Matlab Workstation No charge 4.7546


  1. Contact Paivi Jordan by email.
  2. Users are expected to commit the time to training to proficiency – the core purposely ‘trains backwards’.  The first session begins with obtaining and evaluating data and then in subsequent sessions training through the sequence of steps needed to be learned to independently operate the microscopes.
  3. To gain independent usage of the equipment, user must go through a review session and then pass a test given at the microscope.  The test is basically a ‘driver’s test’.  Card reader access will not be given until the test is passed.
  4. An account number and current department administrator’s name for your work will be necessary to log in for all equipment.
  5. The University and Core views independent access as a privilege, not a right.  Expectations are that independent users are the population of users who help the CCMC keep the instruments in top operating order and who are proficient enough such that the ‘scope doesn’t get in the way of their science’ when operating after hours.   The core is committed to training all users to independence at their pace of learning.

Billing Contact Information

For information about invoices and other billing questions, please contact Michael Lentine.

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