BSL-2 Policies

All Users

The CCMC is becoming a BSL-2 facility per University Regulations beginning May 1, 2009. This means no food or drink may be brought into any of the microscope rooms. Users needing to take a break may do so by eating/drinking at the Core’s desk area outside facility II (1.2100 area) microscope rooms or in the hallway outside 4.7546. Handwashing sinks are located close to both facility’s rooms.

BSL-2 Users

Users imaging specimens rated for BSL-2 procedures need to follow BSL-2 regulations while working on any of the microscopes in the CCMC. This means lab coat, goggles, and gloves are to be worn when placing the specimens in the specimen holder of the microscope of choice.

Gloves MAY NOT be worn when working with the microscope focus knobs or the computer keyboard.

All BSL-2 users are to properly clean/decontaminate the designated areas after imaging is completed. Disinfectant rated for use with the microscopes will be provided by the Core at each microscope.

The Core anticipates that BSL-2 users will be diligent in maintaining clean instruments for all CCMC users.

Signup Policy

  1. Authorized users will be able to sign onto the calendar once independent usage is reached.
  2. New investigators or investigators needing assistance need to email Linda Callahan to coordinate times for training.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Users are asked to alert Paivi Jordan by email as soon as it is known they will not need their imaging time. As a courtesy to other users, it is requested that if you need to cancel your time you also contact the user ahead of you to let them know they could start their imaging earlier.
  2. Advanced notice is strongly preferred so other users can take advantage of the time.

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