Permanent Mounting Media for Chomogenic (DAB) Studies

The type of mounting media used to permanently preserve the staining and tissue is important.

There are a number of permanent mounting medias available - below is the preference of LMC for DAB and related studies. If you anticipate examining (or counting) the slides using oil (100x), a low viscosity mounting media is recommended.

Recommended permanent mounting media (Chromogenic studies only, not for fluorescence studies)

Cytoseal 60 (Low Viscosity)

Richard-Allan Scientific (available through VWR) cat # 8310-16 (no commercial interests)

Mounting Medias for Fluorescence Microscopy

The most important issue is to make sure the anti-fade in the mounting media is stable and that the mounting media does not ‘autofluoresce’. All anti-fade reagents have a shelf-life – so need to check the expiration dates. Recommend using for no more than 6 months.

Two recommended are:

  1. Mowiol (see recipe and information below) which is particularly good for studies examining egfp expression. This is an aqueous mounting media – so the slides can be held in the refrigerator for a period of time but do not freeze. Cost effective method of maintaining fresh anti-fade. See attached recipe.
  2. Prolong Gold is a permanent mounting media for immunofluorescence. Available from Invitrogen – Molecular Probes (no commercial interests).

Mowiol reference document

Protocols for Laser Capture Microdissection Microscopy

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