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FV1000 Olympus Confocal Sample Holders

The Core provides 4 different sample holders for users of the FV1000 microscope:

1) Sample holder for 1 x 3 slides

2) Sample holder for 2 x 3 slides

3) Sample holder for dishes and chambers

4) Sample holder for culture well plates

The CCMC will teach users how to exchange the holders and store removed holders.

Please note: The FV1000 microscope is an INVERTED microscope. Therefore, culture dishes, chambers, and well plates need to contain a 0.16-0.19 mm (No. 1.5) glass coverslip for optimal imaging on this microscope. For more information see companies such as Mat-tek, Inc. This company provides free samples.

Live Imaging Using the Stage Incubator

Live Imaging on the Olympus FV1000

Users requiring the Stage Incubator should contact the CCMC Core well in advance of their planned imaging session. The heater for the incubator needs to be on at least 5 hours prior to imaging. Humidity takes approximately 15 minutes to come up to the correct humidity. CO2 takes approximately 20 minutes to come up to 5%.

Standard stage incubator settings match those of the Core’s Binder incubator which is in the same room. The standard CCMC Core settings are: Temperature = 37C, Humidity = 50%, and CO2 = 5%. Users needing conditions other than the above should contact CCMC personnel. It is expected the settings by the Core will remain at the indicated points unless prior arrangement has been made with the Core. The Core is flexible, however, and will adjust settings as needed if given sufficient notice.

Fixed Samples on the Olympus FV1000

Users with fixed samples can easily use the microscope when the stage incubator is on. As long as the stage incubator door is closed during imaging for light tight conditions, there is no issue for the heater being on for the incubator. Users can keep the door open as long as is necessary to work with their samples. CO2 and humidity will be off when fixed sample users are using the microscope. The CCMC Core will make sure there is no interference of standard fixed sample imaging while the stage incubator is on. It is expected that the stage incubator will be on during Thursday or Friday and off Monday through Wednesday. Weekends will depend on a user's needs.

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