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angela ryck Meet the Winner of the 3rd Annual "America's Got Regulatory Science Talent" Competition collaboration Alone we Can Do So Little; Together we Can Do So Much: Research Collaborations and Community Engagement
redcap tip REDCap Tip of the Month: Project Folders genomics New Collaborative Genomics Pilot Award Program RFA
reproducibility Rigor and reproducibility: What you  need to know Zika Funding Available to Study Zika Virus
data sharing ICMJE Proposes New Data Sharing Requirements nominate now Furth Fund Nominations Due February 26th
chapman Translational Biomedical Science Alum Lands Postdoc at NIH changes ahead Changes to CTSI Voucher Program

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Upcoming Events

Monday, February 15th

Mathematica Demonstration

Tuesday, February 16th

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much: Research Collaborations and Community Engagement

Wednesday, February 17th

SLNC"-ing Towards Invasion: A Long Non-Coding RNA Implicates the Androgen Receptor and Brn3a in Melanoma Invasion

Research Certification Exam Review Preparation

Thursday. Febuary 18th

How to Land and Survive a Post-Doc: Advice from the Trenches

Friday, February 19th

Hotspotting in Rochester

Monday, February 22nd

Nutritional control of germline stem cells in C. elegans

Core Training Module 2: PI Oversight



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grant writing

CTSI Grantwriting Resources Page

Writing a grant? The CTSI website now features up-to-date resource pages for 36 research-related programs, resources, departments and centers. Start with these and edit as necessary to suit your grant, or reach out to the appropriate group for more details. Or, they may be perfect as they are! Click here for the CTSI grantwriting resources page!