Environmental Health Sciences Center Pilot Program

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The Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) has funds to support a limited number of meritorious Pilot Projects.  The objective of the pilot project should be relevant to the theme of the EHSC, namely "Environmental Agents as Modulators of Human Disease and Dysfunction".  We are especially interested in receiving proposals addressing how the environment modifies stem cell function, affects early life origins of adult diseases, and disrupts host/pathogen interactions.  Applicants may request a maximum of $30,000 for the duration of one year. Applications from new investigators collaborating with existing EHSC Faculty are encouraged.  In most cases, funds are restricted to research expenses and cannot be used to support travel, faculty salary, or equipment purchases.  Junior faculty (tenure track) may use a portion of these funds for salary support.

Initial applications should include a one-page abstract describing the goals and objectives of the proposed project, the relevance to the mission of the EHSC, and the investigators involved.  Abstracts will be reviewed and those applicants selected to submit full applications will be contacted shortly thereafter.

The deadline for submitting initial applications is October 5, 2012. Questions? Contact Michael O’Reilly (Michael_OReilly@urmc.rochester.edu) or Pat Noonan-Sullivan (Patricia_Noonan@urmc.rochester.edu) or visit the EHSC web site (http://www2.envmed.rochester.edu/envmed/EHSC/pilot.html)

Please submit your abstracts to Pat Noonan-Sullivan via email to the address above.


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