Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust: Basic, Translational and Postdoctoral Melanoma Research Grants

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The Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust grants melanoma research grants in three categories: Basic Research, Translational Research, and Career Development. Special consideration is given to emerging novel concepts that constitute significant innovation and new investigators in the field of melanoma research.


No predetermined amount is established, but applications should not exceed $125,000 to $150,000 total funding. The grant period may be for more than one year.

Eligibility Requirements

  • MD or PhD with ability to conduct the proposed research;
  • There are no citizenship requirements;
  • Applicants can apply at any stage in their career, except for the Career Development Award, which is a mentored award.

Research Interests

  • Basic melanoma research;
  • Translational melanoma research;
  • Melanoma research career development.

Protected Time Requirement


Mentoring Requirement

  • None for basic or translational grant;
  • Required for career development grant.

Limitation on Other Awards


Other Limitations

  • Recipients will use animals in research only when non-animal options are not available and when the use of animals will help answer significant scientific questions. Recipients will minimize animal distress and pain;
  • Recipients will not use embryonic or fetal cell culture tissues systems in any research funded by the Lloyd Trust;
  • The use of transgenic animal models in which human genes are inserted into the germ line requires advanced approval by the Lloyd Trust.

Internal/External Deadlines

Faculty members wishing to be considered should email their expressions of interest by September 1, 2012 to Catherine Muzytchuk, Catherine_muzytchuk@URMC.rochester.edu, with the words HARRY LLOYD and the words BASIC, TRANSATIONAL or CAREER DEVELOPMENT in the subject line. They must also attach:

(1) A cover page;

(2) A chair’s nomination form;

(3) A biosketch or CV; and

(4) A three-page research abstract, using the attached forms.

The dean of the medical school can nominate one applicant in each of the three areas of interest to the foundation – Basic, Translational, and Career Development. The dean will notify selected nominees on or about October 15, 2012.

Once the candidates have been notified of their nomination by the dean’s office, they should contact Dr. Paul A. Spengler, Director of UR Foundation Relations, at 276-3955 or pspengler@admin.rochester.edu to review the program guidelines and for assistance with the application.

The foundation application deadline is February 1, 2013. Per University policy, applications must be submitted five days early (January 28th), and a final draft must be submitted to Foundation Relations for review ten days early (January 21st). For more information about this announcement, click here.


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