NSF Scalable Nanomanufacturing

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) is announcing the third year of its program on collaborative research and education in the area of scalable nanomanufacturing. The program, which includes the long-term societal implications of the large-scale implementation of nanomanufacturing innovations, is in response to/a component of the National Nanotechnology Initiative Signature Initiative: Sustainable Nanomanufacturing - Creating the Industries of the Future.

Although many nanofabrication techniques have demonstrated the ability to fabricate small quantities of nanomaterials and devices for characterization and evaluation purposes, the emphasis of this program is on research to overcome the key impediments that prevent the low cost production of useful nanomaterials, devices, and systems at an industrially-relevant scale. Therefore, competitive proposals will incorporate three elements in their research plans:

  • A persuasive argument that the nanomaterials, devices, or systems to be produced have or are likely to have sufficient demand to justify eventual scale-up;
  • A clearly identified and arguably complete set of research issues that must be addressed to enable the low cost production of high-quality products; and
  • A compelling research plan with clear objectives to overcome the identified research issues, which is supported by preliminary results relevant to scale-up.

This is a limited submission opportunity; the University may submit no more than one (1) proposal on which it is the lead organization. The University may be a collaborative partner in any number of other multi-organization group proposals in which it is not the lead.

Faculty at the Medical Center interested in submitting a proposal must submit an abstract, CV, and budget to Dean Puzas (Catherine_muzytchuk@urmc.rochester.edu) by April 1, 2013. Please use the words “Nanomanufacturing” in the subject line.

Faculty at the River Campus interested in submitting a proposal must submit an abstract, CV, and budget to the Deans via Debra Haring (debra.haring@rochester.edu) or Cindy Gary (cindy.gary@rochester.edu) by April 1, 2013.

Deans will forward their ranked nominations to Assistant Provost Jason Adsit by April 15, 2013. A final decision from the Senior Vice President for Research on the nominations moving forward to the NSF will be announced on April 19th.

The deadline for the full proposal is June 3, 2013. It is important to remember that ORPA must receive electronic proposals five (5) business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline, along with a completed and signed University sign-off form.The complete program announcement can found here.


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