Wilmot Cancer Research Fellowship Program

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The Wilmot Cancer Research Fellowship Program was established at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry with funds provided by the late James P. Wilmot through a foundation established in his memory.

The program provides funds to allow physicians to undertake research of the highest quality for investigating the causes, diagnosis, treatment or prevention of cancer. The program's goal is to provide research training that will prepare physicians to undertake and maintain their own independent careers in cancer research and training.

The Wilmot post-doctoral fellowship supports mentored research training for physicians with MD or MD/PhD degrees who have completed their residency training and intend to pursue an academic career in clinical, translational or basic cancer research.

The Fellowship provides funding for up to three years. Fellows receive an annual stipend comparable to those awarded by many national foundations. In addition, each Fellow receives an annual supply allowance, and a travel allowance to provide support for attending national or international scientific conferences.

Applicants are encouraged to complete and submit the required information by December 1.  An overview of Program Eligibility and Application Process can be accessed on the Wilmot Cancer Center’s website at: http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/cancer-center/professional-education/fellowships/wilmot-cancer-research.cfm

For questions, please contact Brian Martin at brian_martin@urmc.rochester.edu or call (585) 275-0784.


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