Health Care Innovation Awards: Round Two Funding Opportunity

To:                  URMC Leadership

From:             Bradford C. Berk, MD, PhD

Date:               June 4, 2013

Subject:          Health Care Innovation Awards: Round Two Funding Opportunity

I’m pleased to announce that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for round two of its Health Care Innovation Awards.

Specifically, in this upcoming round of grant competition, CMS has earmarked up to $900 million for projects nationwide that test new payment and service models aimed at delivering better quality care at lower costs for Medicare, Medicaid, and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollees.

At URMC, we again want to put our best foot forward as we apply. To ensure high-caliber applications for this round, as well as best coordinate payment model development (see more details below), by Friday, June 28, applicants MUST:

  • Submit a two-page project abstract to Harriet Kitzman of the Center for Research Implementation and Translation (CRIT); and
  • Submit a non-binding letter of intent to CMS.

All abstracts e-mailed to Dr. Kitzman will undergo committee review so that applicants can receive feedback by Friday, July 12. This internal review committee’s chief purpose is to foster highly competitive applications by providing constructive feedback, as well as identifying potential alternative funding sources (foundation, state, local, industry, etc.), if appropriate.

Payment Model Development

All applicants must submit, as part of their application, the design of a payment model that is consistent with the new service delivery model that they propose. When developing the application’s financial plan, all applicants requesting less than $10 million in funding must receive financial plan certification from the organization’s chief financial officer. All applicants requesting $10 million or more in funding are required to obtain and submit an external actuarial certification of their financial plan with their application.

Categories of Focus

This second round of the Health Care Innovation Awards will support public and private organizations in four defined areas that have a high likelihood of driving health care system transformation and improving outcomes. Specifically, in this second round, CMS is seeking proposals in the following categories:

  • Models designed to rapidly reduce Medicare, Medicaid, and/or CHIP costs in outpatient and/or post-acute settings.
  • Models focused on improving care for populations with specialized needs.
  • Models that test ways for specific types of providers to transform their financial and clinical approach.
  • Models that improve the health of populations (defined geographically, clinically, or by socioeconomic class) through activities focused on wellness, more actively engaging beneficiaries beyond the clinical service setting, and/or ongoing prevention. (E.g., a diabetes prevention program or a hypertension prevention program).


Interested parties of all types who have developed innovations that will drive significant improvement in population health, quality of care, and total cost of care are welcome to apply. Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to: Provider groups, health systems, payers, and other private-sector organizations; faith-based organizations; state and local governments; public-private partnerships; and for-profit organizations.

While round one awardees may apply, they may not receive additional funding to support models funded in round one.

In addition, models that primarily focus on acute hospital inpatient care are excluded from this round and will not be reviewed.

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • Letters of Intent to Apply: CMS will accept letters of intent beginning June 1 until June 28, 2013, 3 p.m. EDT.
  • Application: CMS will accept applications beginning June 14 until Aug. 15, 2013, 3 p.m. EDT.

Additional URMC Resources

To ensure that we put our best foot forward, staff at our Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) are eager to provide assistance to persons and teams interested in applying. They offer tremendous expertise in study design, participant recruitment, community involvement, program evaluation, training and other areas, including review of developing application materials to assess responsiveness to FOA requirements. Please contact for information and to request assistance.

Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to helping improve health care delivery here in Rochester and beyond.


NIH Funding Acknowledgement ** Important ** All publications resulting from the utilization of CTSI resources are required to credit the CTSI grant by including the NIH FUNDING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.