Subject: eRecord-Research Faculty Advisory Committee

To: Medical Center Faculty

From: Michael Keefer, MD

I’m writing to ask you to help me guide the development of tools, policies and procedures that will enable researchers to make the best possible use of clinical data, such as that contained in the new eRecord system, at the URMC. Specifically, I’m hoping that you’ll join me as a member of a Faculty Advisory Committee to the eRecord-Research Project.

The eRecord-Research Project is a collaboration between the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the eRecord Project, and many faculty and staff from across the Medical Center. The goal of the project team is to identify specific approaches to utilizing healthcare information to improve support for biomedical research at URMC. The main work of the project has to date been carried out by three working groups, each charged with a different aspect of the overall goal, as listed below:

  • Working Group A: support for population-based, health services research and comparative effectiveness research
  • Working Group B: privacy and recruitment
  • Working Group C: operational and logistical issues

To complement these three working groups, I am forming a Faculty Advisory Committee that will meet about once per month to review the recommendations developed by the three working groups. Our input as researchers will be critical to ensuring that our needs are met and that the recommendations (that ultimately will go to the Medical Center’s senior management) support the many types of research that we conduct.

Our hope is to identify the needs of the full range of research being conducted at URMC. If you know of other faculty who may have unique needs in this regard, please feel free to forward this invitation to them.  Also, while we are limiting the distribution of this invitation to URMC faculty, we realize that it may be more feasible for you to appoint a surrogate (such as a project coordinator) to represent your interests. We will consider these requests on a case by case basis

Please reply to this e-mail and let me and Mary Little (at know if you are willing to take part in this group. We’ll be back in touch soon to schedule the first meeting.

If you’d like to know more about the eRecord-Research project, please visit their SharePoint site by clicking here: Also, please see the attached PowerPoint presentation that provides a nice overview of the project.

Thanks for your willingness to help out.


Michael Keefer, MD
Professor, Department of Medicine

Please click here for the PowerPoint presentation of the project overview.



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